Friday, January 20, 2012

Introducing ... The Versatile Jennifer Handbag

What can I say about the Jennifer Miche Handbag Shell ...

Jennifer is neutral ... the tones of this Miche Shell will go with any outfit
Jennifer is versatile ... wear her to work and go out with her at night with your girlfriends, or your sweetheart
Jennifer is sexy ... the coppery shimmer, texture and styling make this a great handbag for any classy lady.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Miche Bag - A Must-Have Gift for Valentine's Day

Hi Ladies! Welcome Back ...

I don't know about you but I'm already thinking about what I'd like for Valentine's Day and since my husband always asks me "What do you want for Valentine's Day?" This year I won't hesitate to say "A Miche Bag Please!" Why? Because I hate changing the contents of my handbag to the next handbag I want to wear. And since I've found Miche Bag, I don't have to do that anymore.

My handbag goes from this Messy Mess:

To this:
There are partition inside the Miche base to put your cellphone, credit cards, pens etc.

So The Must-Have Valentine's Day Gift is without question ... A Miche Bag ... or Two ... or Three

What is A Miche Bag? A Miche Bag is an interchangeable bag. You get a base (there are 4 different base sizes to chose from - Petite, Classic, Demi and Prima) then you get the Shell which attaches by safe magnets (won't harm your credit cards) to the base and Voila, you have your Miche bag.

You can change your shell as you fancy to match your outfits or your moods, but you don't have to dump out the content of your bag ... YIPPEE!

~Spring - Summer Collection Now Available~

So ladies don't forget to tell your Man, or significant Other, I want a Miche Bag!
Nov 2011 Shells 
Dec 2011 Shells

There are different styles to chose from so there is bound to be a style that your lady will love.Gentlemen, get the woman in your life a Miche Bag. Her heart will go pitter ... patter for you and she'll love you forever!

Shop my January Launch Party and if you qualify you will receive a Free Miche Shell.

Watch this video below to see how fun and chic the Miche Bag is ...

Find The Perfect Miche Handbag HERE
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