About Miche Bags

How Miche Bag Came to Be...

How Miche® Came to Be...
On the way home from work in the fall of 2004, a young homemaker did something most women have done—she spilled on her favorite handbag. Frustrated by the thought of hunting for a replacement then transferring all the contents, she wished there was a way to just change the outside of the bag. The idea immediately popped into her mind to create a bag with changeable covers. Not to be deterred by her lack of sewing skills, she grabbed her super glue and some scrap fabric, took apart the stained bag, and made the very first prototype. With her rough creation in hand, she set out on a mission to bring the Miche Bag to life.

How Do You Pronounce That Name Again?
Our unique name is pronounced MEE-CHEE!

A Company is Born
The homemaker shared her initial idea and concept with two reputable businessmen, Corbin B. Church and Chris Seegmiller. Corbin had experience running successful businesses and Chris had a background in importing and exporting. The combined expertise of the two put Miche Bag firmly on the road to success. Under the guidance of CEO Corbin Church, Miche Bag has experienced tremendous growth and its employees are excited about the future of the company. Recent growth includes new products being released monthly as well as expansion of the business into international markets.

Miche Today
We think Miche Bags are one of the greatest gifts to womankind since waterproof mascara, and we're always looking for enterprising women just like you to help spread the joy around. If you are looking for a rewarding career with an up-and-coming "now" company or if you want to host a Miche Party in your neighborhood, be sure to check out the many opportunities offered by your forward-thinking partners in fashion at Miche Bag. And to think, it all started with a spill!
And to think, it all started with a spill!
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