Friday, February 8, 2013

The Miche Bag - How Does It Work

Here's Why So Many Women are carrying a Miche Bag
Words Cannot Explain It Enough
So let me explain in a picture 

Now do you understand? Why don't You have a Miche handbag?

Here are some Miche truths:
1- The Miche handbag Comes in 4 different sizes.
Base Bags - Petite, Classic, Demi, Prima

Why? Because we ladies have many different needs for our handbags:

Petite - Smallest size: When all you need is your wallet and lipstick
Classic - when you need to carry more than the Petite
Demi - Medium size and perfect for running errands and going about everyday life's moments
Prima - Large Tote Size: You can put a tablet and your essentials for the office, or use as a stylish mommy bag.

2- The Miche handbag Offers Convenience and Saves You Money
Monica (Demi Shell) with other Miche Shells stacked behind

Why? No need to buy numerous handbags ... No need to empty your bag whenever you want to change your handbag. And therefore Miche handbags take up less space in your closet
Miche Closet Organizer
3-With a variety of new shells available every month, 
You have endless ways to show off the different styles of You.

Being A Miche Fan means never have to switch bags again ...
One Bag ... Endless Looks!

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